Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wonderful Chile...

Hola! Happy 2015! I'm back at my desk after some time off in Chile. I was in a few places over a month but it was the central coast, its beaches and its people that got my attention...

 Reñaca Chile Illustration by Adrian Valencia

Reñaca, where all the girls have long wavy hair. Difficult to spot someone on their own. Here, you move in a group. The more, the merrier.  Packed with "Argenteenagers", beautiful young things everywhere. Individuality is over-rated in Reñaca. The uniform for girls is short jeans, sleeveless top, and a "buzito" (sweatshirt). For the boys, aqua green and '80s coloured swim-shorts and bermudas. "Buzito" also applies.  This is a place where one worships the sunset.

Vina Del Mar Chile  illustration by Adrian Valencia

Viña del Mar, colourful and chaotic. Very sporty in the mornings and lots and lots of walkers in the afternoons. I went to a museum here and I loved it! Museo Francisco Fonk. The pre-Hispanic exhibition is excellent. I always thought the "shrinking heads" Jivaroan people were a myth?... Well, not any more.

Cachagua Chile  illustration by Adrian Valencia

Cachagua, the Chilean Hamptons. Peaceful and chic. Where families have minimum four kids. The sea? Incredibly cold, but who cares when everyone around you is SO gorgeous! Cachagua is like living in an Elle Decoration magazine or the latest Chanel advert.

Zapallar Chile illustration by Adrian Valencia

Zapallar. The classiest of all Litoral's resorts. Here, people dress to go to the beach. There are certain uniforms that repeat, but there are lots and lots of fashions to get inspiration from. Brown, tall, and blonde skinny boys play "pelota paleta" (beach tennis) while the girls admire them secretly behind their sunglasses. Lots of red cheeks and green eyes. 

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